How does it WORK?
Is BNI the opportunity for you?

If you run a small or medium sized business, or operate in a Sales or Marketing function in a larger business, an opportunity exists for you to increase your sales revenues substantially by joining a BNI chapter.

Becoming a member of BNI is like instantly acquiring a new team of sales people who are looking for opportunities for your business. To become a member you need to apply through a formal application process initiated with the local chapter. Once accepted by the chapter's membership committee, you will be the only person in the chapter representing your specific business or professional specialty. This enables you to receive all of the referrals other members are able to generate for you. IMAGINE a world of opportunity without competition.

Your classification may already be taken in your nearest chapter. In these cases, every endeavour will be made to place you in another suitable chapter. Astonishing results have been achieved by people from a very diverse range of businesses through involvement with BNI; you owe it to yourself to check BNI out. Be sure to check out what the BNI TEAM members are saying about BNI.

BNI meetings are held weekly. It is expected that our members attend every meeting and in circumstances where they cannot, a substitute should be sent in their place. Success in BNI takes time. It is all about building relationships with your fellow chapter members and developing a good understanding of their businesses.

This programme is more like farming than it is like hunting - it needs to be nurtured and results happen over time. But the results can represent a significant increase in your sales volume.